Expanding Round Table

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Well, I'm finally at the end of this project. It has been quite the challenge and a lot of fun. I completely max'd out one website with graphics and had to span this to another website to get it to fit, but it has been an enjoyable endeavor of documenting the process along the way.

Just recently I have figured out how to build this table with self-storing leaves using the same robust mechanical system that is the foundation of this table design. The only other version of this table that I am aware of that can perform this action uses cables and springs for the mechanism, which is not very robust. I look forward to implementing this design concept in the next version of the table.
Page 1 Introduction
Page 2 Center Column Turning
Page 3 8-Column, Fluted Colonnade
Page 4 Making the Pedestal Base
Page 5 Cutting the 8 Feet
Page 6 Making the Substrate Platform
Page 7 Making the Table Wedges
Page 8 Making the Arrow Leaves
Page 9
Laminating the Pedestal Base
Page 10 Lacquering and Assembling the Pedestal 
Page 11 Substrate and Initial Hardware 
Page 12 Installing the Subframe
Page 13 Machining Pins and Sockets
Page 14 Eureka: Drive Power Works!
Page 15 Wrapping up Some Loose Ends
Page 16 Fini Complet: The end is at hand!!

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