Announcing Maxsys
Wireless Remote Control for Festool CT-Series Dust Extractors

Maxsys installs directly into the accessory module bay of your CT-26/36/48 dust extractor, and works in conjunction with the vacuum's on-board control system. To learn more about Maxys, visit

SCG Guide MGS Guide

Self-Centering Guide, SCG-10, and
Multi-position Guide Stop, MGS-20!

Guide stops for the Domino joiner now come in two styles. The SCG guide allows you to quickly set stop positions anywhere you need them without tools or measuring. The MGS guide provides for multiple stop position for repetative work. I designed these guides to be accurate and bulletproof, and you can read more about their features and ordering at

   Product Documentation by Rick Christopherson
As many of you may know, I have written many Festool manuals and other documents. These are in high demand, but sometimes they can be difficult to locate on the internet. So I have created a new sub-site where all of these documents are located. Festool Documentation Page

Expanding Round Table
Ten years ago I built a large, expanding, round, dining room table. Since that time, I have wanted to redesign the table, but with its very high cost, there are not many homeowners that can afford one. This past summer I was commissioned to build a new version. In these ten years, computer technology has leaped forward, as have my own graphics capabilities. I didn't document the original table's construction, but with greater graphics capabilities, I am fully documenting this next generation.

Because this is an on-going project that will take a great deal of time to complete, I created a weblog to document the progress. Every time I have mentioned this project on one of the many woodworking discussion forums for various reasons, other woodworkers have asked for more details. So here are the details.
Round Table Construction Blog